10 Best Tips in Creating Rustic Bathroom Ideas

The bathroom is one of the most important elements in a house. Whether we realize it or not, the bathroom is one part of the house that reflects the personality of the owner. Cleanliness of the bathroom is the first thing people will see when visiting your home; the bathroom is clean and neat showing your characteristics.

Besides cleanliness, the design is also important in presenting a comfortable bathroom. There are various designs that you can use to make a bathroom. One of the best bathroom designs you can use is rustic bathroom ideas.



One important element in rustic bathroom ideas is old-looking figured wood. You need wood that seems old, rough, and looks weathered. It’s not difficult to find this kind of wood. You do not need to look for old wood that is weathered or unused; you can use wood which you can give special treatment to make it look old, weathered, and raw.

You don’t need to smooth the surface of the wood you have. You must still highlight the rough parts in the wood. You also don’t need a symmetrical door; you can maintain some parts of the door that are uneven or not cut equally.

However, a bathroom door must be really tight. Some small basins on the door certainly won’t be a problem, but you certainly don’t want to have a hole in your door.


For those of you who want to present a little classic impression, you can also use wood elements in the bathtub. There are several types of wooden bathtubs that are made to suit some interior design concepts. You must be able to choose the right bathtub so that you will get a rustic impression, not another impression.

If you ever see a wooden beer barrel, that is the bathtub you need. The wood that is attached using metal on the outside will show a very strong rustic impression.

Bathtubs with such designs will give an old-school and rustic impression. However, you also have to consider the durability of the bathtub. Bathtub barrels usually have a shorter service life compared to other types of bathtubs.

The rustic design, for many people, is more suitable to be combined with modern design. You will find it easier to create modern rustic bathroom ideas than the classic one. The combination of classic and rustic design sometimes requires greater effort.

Some people are trying to make a classic rustic bathroom end up with a most-classic-less-rustic bathroom. The use of a modern bathtub with several rustic ornaments will make it easier for you to create a modern rustic bathroom.

You can put a modern black bathtub in a rustic bathroom. This will not ruin your rustic bathroom ideas, it will actually give a modern impression that is in perfect accordance with the rustic concept that you make. You can put a rustic vanity next to the bathtub.


A vanity is needed to put down and store some items you need in your bathroom. There are several vanity options that you can use in your rustic bathroom. The choice of vanity must be adjusted to the nuances that you will present in your bathroom. Need precision in choosing a rustic vanity.

Some people make mistakes; they choose a classic rustic vanity for a modern rustic bathroom. With the growing popularity of rustic designs, you will find it easier to get a variety of rustic furniture and décor that suit your needs.

There are several types of vanity that you can use in your bathroom. You can choose to use a closed vanity that you can use as a storage place as well as a place to put the sink. You can adjust the size of the vanity with your bathroom area.

Vanity functions to make it easier for you to store various needs of your bathroom. This will give a “well-organized” impression and make your bathroom look neat.

You should have enough information about rustic vanity before deciding to have one. If you want a modern rustic bathroom, then you should choose a simple vanity and does not have a classic accent on it.

On the contrary, you might need a classic-look vanity when you want to make a classic rustic bathroom. The accuracy of choosing vanity is one of the keys that determine the character of your bathroom.


The wall is also an important part in creating an interior design. In rustic bathroom ideas, pallet wood is an object that has various functions. You can use this to make doors, shelves, hangers, even walls.

You can use pallet wood to cover one side or a certain part of your bathroom wall. This is an easy and inexpensive material to get. However, you certainly need special treatment so that the pallet wood can withstand the humidity of the bathroom.

Besides wood, you can also expose your brick / stone wall. This will give the impression of a natural and very suitable with the rustic furniture that you have.

Rustic bathroom ideas are synonymous with natural nuances and you should show them on your bathroom wall. However, if you still want to paint the wall, white is the best choice.

You might need to consider a mosaic wall. These are made of special colorful stones. The stones have a variety of natural colors that are perfect for you to use on the walls of your rustic bathroom wall. You may need to spend more money on this, but what you will get is worth it. You will have an artistic wall with natural colors.

The stones can be installed using special glue so you don’t have to disassemble your bathroom wall. Some people might be able to install it themselves, but it would be better if you ask a professional to do it.


The rustic shelves are generally made of wood or industrial metal. If you have time, you can even make it yourself. The shelves themselves often come in a form that is very simple and prioritizes functions rather than look. You may only need a few thick boards and some metal supports to make wall shelves.

Or if you want to use the stand shelves, then you can use some of the wood you stacked like a small staircase and that’s it. So simple yet sophisticated. You will not need a modern shelf with a complex arrangement or shape. The material also tends to be much simpler when compared to modern shelves.

If you decide to use metal shelves, then you need used industrial metal that you can assemble using pipe joints or welds. You can get the material from junkyards or buy new pipes.

One thing you have to remember is color. Make sure that you use dark colors like dull black or you can coat the pipes with a clear coat to expose the unique color and pattern of the metal.


A bathroom certainly requires a hanger or hooks. Just like other elements in a rustic bathroom, wood is still the main ornament choice. A wall-mounted hanger is one of the simplest ornaments of rustic bathroom ideas; this is even simpler compared to the wall rack/shelf.

You can get all the material you need in the hardware store and make your own wall hanger/towel hook. You don’t even need a good board. You can use whatever wood you find around your home.


To show the natural side of rustic bathroom ideas, a tile floor is a right choice. Tile has a surface that is rougher than ceramic so it is suitable for use as a bathroom floor. In addition, tile has a more natural color and pattern so it is very suitable to be applied to rustic designs.

You can use any color tile. You can even combine two or more tile colors at once so that your bathroom will look monotone. The thing that you should pay attention to in choosing tiles is the size.

For a small bathroom, you should use small size tiles and a wider size tile for a larger sized bathroom. You can even use tile fragments and arrange them like a colorful puzzle.


Rustic bathroom ideas mostly use white. If you want to use other colors, you can use dark colors like black or gray. If you have a brick wall, you can maintain the color of the brick on the wall. The same thing applies to stone walls. Bricks and stones are materials that have unique colors so you don’t need to paint them.

As mentioned earlier, there are some people who like the color of their concrete walls. If you want to have an unpainted concrete wall, then you should still paint another part of the wall.


You can use a metal or barn style baskets as decorative elements in your bathroom. You can use both metal and barn baskets as the right decoration elements for a rustic bathroom.

In addition, it also functions as the right storage for a small rustic bathroom. A small bathroom certainly has limited space so it doesn’t allow you to place a vanity in it. Instead, those baskets you can put on the wall or rack.

There are several things that need to be considered in choosing furniture that you will use in your rustic bathroom. One of the first most important is the suitability of the theme.

You may be able to use any furniture according to your wants and needs, but when we talk about “design”, we must adjust all the things we will use so that the ideas can be realized and really be able to represent the design.

The next most important thing is the size. You must use furniture that matches the size of your bathroom. You can’t use a bathtub or big vanity in a small bathroom. You can only use small furniture and that furniture are furniture that you really need in your bathroom.

You might not spend a lot of time in the bathroom, but you should still make it comfortable. A comfortable and clean bathroom can support the comfort of a home.

Make sure that the furniture you are going to use can make it easier for you to create a clean and comfortable bathroom. You might be able to place a variety of decorations, but that means nothing when the decorations have no function.


Lighting is a very important element in the bathroom. You can buy metal bulb chandeliers or use various wooden objects as lamp hangers. You can find a variety of wooden rustic light references on the internet. Many people prefer to use metal / industrial lighting because they are considered safer and more modern.

However, some people also like the wooden lighting because it can strengthen the natural impression on the bathroom. You can use a wooden block to hang a few lights. You also use tree trunks to do the same.

Although this design is identical to wood, you are free to do anything in lighting. The most important part of lighting is brightness. You also have to put the lamp in the right position so that it can provide optimal lighting.

Downlights may be a good lighting choice for your bathroom. You might need some downlights to get good lighting. Downlights will give the impression of spacious and modern in your bathroom. It is also suitable for application to any interior design.

If you choose to use downlights, then you have to use the right light. LED lights are the right type of lamp to be used in downlights. It only uses a small amount of electricity so you can use several lights without worrying that your electricity bill will increase. The downlight will also produce artistic light.

This article has provided all the information you need to make rustic bathroom ideas. You can start redecorating your bathroom to be a rustic bathroom in stages by starting to place one by one the important parts mentioned above.


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