13+ Unexpected Beauty from Trivial Things: Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

Really, who have concern with toilet paper holder ideas? Probably this is one of the most trivial things inside your bathroom to be subject of any design choice. Turns out, at the moment you put your attention to toilet paper holder, you will be amazed on how big the influence of your bathroom’s ambience.

Since the object is so unwelcome, people tend to pick or choose the first item every time they see in the furniture shop without any further consideration on another choice. If you are one of them, it is the time to take a look on your bathroom.



People love the idea of using copper and accent to maximize the design. Especially in the bathroom, a brass or copper toilet paper holder looks matching with the exposed pipes or faucet if your main theme of decoration is industrial style. It doesn’t look too much. However, it can bring chic and elegant vibes through your bathroom.


For rustic, country chic, or retro interior design, it will be perfect if you make your toilet tissue holder inside the wooden shelf. It can be under or next to the sink. The idea is, you still need thin brass to hold the tissue.

But you put it inside an open shelf or a small one of three wooden compartments. The other compartment can be a place for extra rolls supplies or other bathroom amenities.


If you are in the middle of home renovation, it makes sense if you find so many remaining piece of wood slice. Maybe you have intention to make it useful but don’t know how. You can decorate your toilet tissue holder with this piece of rubbish.

The amazing part of this idea is, that it is so piece of cake. All you need to prepare is a piece of wood or you can just use a slice of driftwood, a cabinet knob, and a drapery holdback. Based on the condition of your wall and the wood, you may need to do a little of adjustments for making the holdback get into the right angle and right position.


If you are seeking the qualities of understated beauty and minimalism point of view, it is time for you to put bigger attention on this particular design.

You will need very simple materials. Drill, pliers, hook, slice of wood, and a piece of rope. Measure the wood to make it fits with the width of paper roll. Wrap the rope up to the wood until it is ready to be hung. Then, stick the rope to the wall with a specially design of hanger made from wood at the wall.

To uplift the beauty, you can use black thin rope in soft colour wood. Make it more contrast with light or white wall. So, the detail of rope and wood will be more stunning. It is not only beneficial for your toilet tissue.

Create something similar for other amenities using this material sounds great: leather lace, knob, screw, and dowel. Easy DIY project, huh?


You don’t have a shelf for your extra toilet tissue rolls supplies? It sounds brilliant to make an extension for your roll holder. Its ability to uphold two more rolls makes it interesting and practical at the same time.

With this idea, no need to worry for running out the supply. Because every time you find out the roll is finished, there is always another stock close by, unless you don’t remember to fill that pocket.


Basket is something you can always rely on when you need everything to be placed in presentable manner. This idea also includes extra toilet paper rolls for your stock. It quite similar with the previous one, the only difference is how you store your supplies.

A woven basket will definitely look astonishing while provides you enough space to store every amenity you need in the bathroom. If the design and the space support it, you can put a rod and then turn the top of basket to be a unique toilet tissue holder. This unorthodox yet nevertheless idea is really worth trying.


If you are meticulous enough, you will realize that most of the toilet paper holders are made of pipes, tubes, and metal. That is why there always interesting ways to exploit this detail in order to make a custom toilet paper holder for your bathroom. You can start it with something simple by using metal pipe that is bent into a hook.

Put the rolls around the pipe until it can be hung nicely on your wall. Other tools that are necessary: copper pipes, elbows, end caps, brackets, screws, and glue.

From the same material, you can make two holders: the first is for your current tissue (still in use) and the second is for your extra tissue supplies (make it in one stack). So, it helps you to control the remaining tissues in your bathroom.


If your bathroom is too tiny for big toilet paper storage, you can replace it with deep shadow box and hang it around your toilet seat and tissue holder. It offers you two convenient hanging shelves in tiny bathroom. Besides for extra tissue supplies storage, it can be beneficial for your magazines, newspapers, or other small things.


Any space of your bathroom can be useful as long as you know how to maximize the function. Including space behind the door. Don’t make it empty useless space by hanging brackets or simple racks.

The function of this bracket is similar like an open floating shelf. Toilet paper supply, brush, and other cleaning tools can be stored here. Make it tidy and organized with shelf.


It is an easy yet so cute idea, actually. You can wrap up one of these toilet paper holder in DIY project for less than 5 minutes. You can figure out this style of toilet paper holder in a rustic cabin retreat, costal cottage, vacation home, kids bath, etc.

Prepare these supplies to start your DIY object:

• Jute twin or rope of your choice
• Wall cup style hooks with your favourite colour
• Drywall anchors
• Drill, to pre-drill into drywall
• Scissors

First thing first, tie the loops at the ends of your twine or jute or whatever you have. At the moment you have tied it off in the end of your jute, the next step is you are ready to install it.

But before that, pre-drill a hole into drywall for your anchor. If it is needed or if you are lucky enough you can make it into a stud. Once you have secured your wall anchor, you can simply screw the hook into that wall.

After it is finished, now you can hang your rope from the first hook. Not sure whether or not you are already placing it correctly? You can use level or the other alternative is marking the spot you want to place your hook by pressing the end of the hook toward the wall. Pre-drill in that spot uses the drill.

Your rustic rope toilet tissue holder is ready to use!


Are you a typical sporty crunchy adventurous person yet still concerned with design? I bet you will like it since it is a ubiquitous design that you can find in man’s bathroom. Little bit similar with the previous rustic rope holder, it is a piece of cake project that you can finish it by yourself.

First, prepare several materials: bungee cord. Choose your favourite colour and the ideal length is roughly ranges 10 to 12 inches. Pick screw-eye hooks in style that you like, drywall anchors, and drill.

Step-by-step of doing this is super similar with the style we discussed above. Tie the bungee cord to the loop in the end of your twine. Do it in the other side of your cord. Your bungee cord is ready to be installed. Then, all you need to do is prepare the hole with your drill. Make sure both of the two holes is balanced.


All you need to do is using a twig on the wall and call it like your masterpiece of brilliant idea. Use this thing to make a rustic charm for your entire look of your bathroom. You will get the comfortable cabin only from a piece of wood on the wall.

How to do this? First, of course you need to prepare a stick or a twig. Find it by yourself to determine your perfect candidate. Drill, drywall anchors, and drywall screws that are long enough to go through the twig and to the drywall are also necessary.

This is an amazing idea you can choose if you prefer low budget or maybe no budget design. Moreover if the result can blow your mind too. Nobody will resist this.

To make sure that your twig will not torn apart, pre-drill your stick first before you are affixing it into the wall. Want to make it fancier? Clean the stick and spray it with acrylic coating will be a wise move to preserve it and make it long lasting. After that, you can use anchors as simple way then put it on the wall with drywall screws.


You have broken watch with leather strap but run out the idea to make it more useful rather than a piece of rubbish? You can make it into a classy leather strap toilet tissue holder. Hook the two straps of your watch into a single strap. At the edge of each side, nail it to the wall until becoming a hook shaped.

Repeat this step until there are two hook straps. Put a twig that is long enough for toilet paper holder. And now you are finished designing something cool from recycle of broken thing.


When you cant think anything else to uplift your toilet tissue holder, don’t give up. There is an super out of the box idea you can use: go grab an apatosaurus toy!

Sounds too childish and too crazy? Not really. Grab your giraffe, dinosaur, or another toy with long neck. Put it above the toilet seat and then stick a roll on its neck. And a super instant DIY project is done.

Particularly if you have a grown up toddler who is no longer using those kind of kids toy, it can be a genius way to reuse all your abandon kids toy. And the good news is, you can apply this idea not only in bathroom but also in the bedroom, living room, or even inside your car. Fun thing goes right, doesn’t it?


If you have a door handle that the shape is like an anchor, use it to elevate the vibes of sea and boat life. All you have to prepare is a thin white rope. Make sure it is long enough to be twisted several times in the handle and to make a tissue holder.

Besides the fact that this idea is really on budget, you also can save so much space because you don’t need any open space in the wall. You can make it behind the door or maybe in the window. As long as it doesn’t ruin your traffic path inside the bathroom, it is still okay to begin with.

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