30 Small Tattoo Designs for Art Lovers with Meanings

Do you have your birthday coming up? Or have you achieved a goal you had set and want to celebrate it in such a way that it will be remembered all your life? Well, you should then think of embarking yourself with some ink! Are you a diehard art fan? Then we are sure minimalist scribbles must be twinkling your eyes!

Well, we believe that whatever you get inked, it should mean something to you. Moreover, it should be relatable to your life’s journey or else one day you are going to get up and feel why you got that inked on you. Well, don’t worry as we have these amazing Small Tattoo Designs for Art Lovers with Meanings that you will love and feel glad that you got them!

Small Tattoo Designs for Art Lovers with Meanings


Book With Flowers Tattoo

More on the feminine side, the book tattoo indicates that you have a thirst for knowledge and are keen on reading. The cute little flower doodles show your delicate side and a powerful yet feminine side. This little tattoo looks beautiful on your wrist or the nape of your neck!

Color Bursts Tattoo

Books bring out the magic in you because they make you sore to beautiful fantasy lands like never before. If you are a bibliophile and feel each word the way we are saying, then you must have felt this beautiful explosion inside you. So get this tattoo on your forearm, shoulder or nape of the neck to make it look more extravagant.


Lotus With Unalome Tattoo

We know that lotus blossoms in the mud and if you are someone who has had a tough time in your life and yet revived, you are the lotus. The spiral shows that path that is unknown. Therefore, this tattoo symbolizes a tough person exploring the world in the discovery of wonderful things!

Evil Eye Talisman Tattoo

The eye tattoo has a lot of hustle going around it for a very long time. The evil eye talisman tattoo, which usually comes in with a hand, is believed to send back the ominous bad juju back to those who sent it to harm you. Have this tattoo on your wrist or near your ear for a sexy look.


Cool Camera Tattoo

Are you a photographer? Or do you have a keen on photography? Then you must have a little ink on yourself symbolizing your passion! Have this little camera on your forearm and show the world what you love!

Wanderlust’s Tattoo

Do you dream of sailing high tides to discover new lands? Well, while most of the world is discovered, you can visit these places in search of something new!

Soring In Love Tattoo

Do you love the heights? We are sure you must be in love with planes then! So here is a cute small tattoo that has a meaning related to your passion. Soring high is love and soring in love is your passion!


Kitty Paws Tattoo

Have you ever looked at how sassy a cat looks when it preys? Well, if you did, you must have fallen in love with the way she hunts for it and the way she tiptoes behind it! Have those cute paws tiptoed on your color bone and be sassy like a cat!

A Kitten Doddle Tattoo

Being an art lover, you must be in love with doodles, don’t you? Well, here is a perfect kitten doodle tattoo example that will not just keep up your love for the cats but also charm your artistic vibe!

Your Adorable Cat Tattoo

Do you want to have a small portrait tattoo? Well, have your cat’s picture well traced and inked on your forearm! This will show your love for that little sassy cat you have at home and how you love it!

So these were some awesome Small Tattoo Designs for Art Lovers with Meanings! We hope you could find your tattoo inspiration from it. Remember your tattoo is something that will remain on you forever, so get it done from a professional. Moreover, check for the hygiene they follow and ask them for a new needle.

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