5 Spring 2019 Trends Hiding In Your Closet

Spring Forward (With Old Clothes)

You probably know by now that I am dedicating 2019 to wearing what I have. That means no new fashion purchases all year. No shoes, bags, accessories, jewelry or apparel. If that sounds super horrifying to you I am happy to report I am still alive and thriving. It is possible to deprive yourself of new stuff and live to tell the tale. It’s also worth noting that this tale will have a very happy ending: To reward myself for a year of no shopping I will purchase a full price CHANEL Boy Bag from CHANEL boutique in a yet to be determined international destination around Christmastime. More on that later.

Just because I am not shopping doesn’t mean I am any less interested in crafting cute outfits or finding inspiration for my Spring 2019 Capsule Wardrobe from seasonal fashion trends. The only difference is that this spring I have to be super creative and use what I already own to interpret them. Good news, I’ve identified 5 Spring 2019 fashion trends you can jump on right now using clothes hiding in your closet.

5 Spring 2019 Trends Hiding In Your Closet

#1 Spring 2019 Trend Hiding In Your Closet: Neutral Safari

Last year I learned so much about my personal colors from my former client and Tiny Closet University grad Kari at Colors in Style by Kari that I purged anything that didn’t flatter my Autumn/Winter skin tone. Nearly all of those colors (lavender, peach, light pink) were what I used as my annual spring accent colors. Now I’m left with almost no color to chose from but this trend says it’s OK to wear all of the beige. Layer it on! More beige! Add a pop of animal print. Done.

Key Pieces Hiding In My Closet:

  • Army Green Camp Shirt
  • Chetah print blouse
  • All the beige

#2 Spring 2019 Trend Hiding in Your Closet: Hair Flair

Did I mention I have an agent? Yes I am that fancy. One of the first things Donna at Swoon Talent advised was to grow out my hair. Before you get hysterical about an agent pressuring me to alter my look to appeal to the masses consider this — I was already growing out my hair to appeal to the masses. Turns out Donna and I were on to something: The Spring 2019 fashion trend experts are all over bedazzled barrettes, casual bow tying and other types of hair flair (like that vintage rhinestone brooch I plan to glue to a hair comb). Hair accessories are back in a big way in Spring 2019 and if my hair was short I couldn’t participate. WIN!

Key Pieces Hiding In My Closet:

  • All the Hermes scarves
  • Rhinestone brooch
  • Camellia barette

#3 Spring 2019 Trending Hiding in Your Closet: Delicate Layered Jewelry

To vibe with my minimal palette and not to compete with the gigantic bows in my hair I am adopting a streamlined approach to jewelry for Spring 2019. In fact, I only plan to wear the fine jewelry my husband has gifted me over the last fourteen years, which I will layer around this perfectly simple 14K White Gold and Diamond Bezel bracelet I was gifted by jewelry retailer AU|Rate. Sponsored bracelet aside (LOVE IT SO MUCH!), I am all about promoting this brand. Every gal should have at least one piece of fine jewelry she treasures and not everyone has a husband who begrudgingly buys the jewelry you’ve strong armed him into purchasing. AU|Rate has an entire website filled with generously priced fine jewelry you can actually afford to buy for yourself. The aesthetic is simple, clean and modern and I am a big fan.

Key Pieces Hiding in My Closet

  • AU|Rate bracelet
  • David Yurman Cable Classics bangles
  • Diamond bangle

#4 Spring 2019 Trending Hiding in Your Closet: Maxi Skirt with a Collared Shirt and a Statement Belt

This trend is a head to toe outfit formula and I like it because it gives me a reason to wear two garments I don’t wear enough but still own: a vintage DKNY silk maxi skirt which I will never give away because it belonged to my beloved Aunt Catherine and a white J.Crew button down white collared blouse that I haven’t purged for reasons that allude me. I’ll tie the entire look together with my Gucci belt from Christmas and try not to trip on the hem.

Key Pieces Hiding in My Closet

  • Vintage DKNY Maxi
  • J.Crew White Shirt
  • Gucci Belt

#5 Spring 2019 Trend Hiding in Your Closet: Crayola Color

If you refer back to Spring 2019 Trend #1 you see I said that after the pastel purge I had “almost no color” to work with for my Spring 2019 capsule wardrobe. Almost is not nothing. This Spring, the NYFW street style set is finding life in pops of juicy crayola colors typically assigned to summer. After culling my wardrobe I’ve identified three trending accent colors for my Spring 2019 Capsule Wardrobe: yellow to play nice on (or off) safari with beige, magenta because it’s my jam and purple because of a single silk slip of a dress I am ready to animate. It must be noted that grassy green is very much having a Spring 2019 moment but there is literally not one speck of green in my entire wardrobe and this is why everyone gives me grief on March 17. IT’S NOT PERSONAL.

Key Pieces Hiding in My Closet

  • Yellow earrings, purple vintage cuff
  • Magenta pleated midi dress
  • Purple silk slip dress

Spring Forward With Me!

TCU Capsule Camp 2019 begins March 18, 2019

The only reason I am able to go an entire year without shopping is because I’ve spent the last four years refining the art of the seasonal capsule wardrobe. With every wardrobe turnover I’ve learned a little bit more about myself and my personal style: The types of clothes that I truly love and feel great wearing – clothes that fit my body and, most importantly, reflect my lifestyle. Slowly, with intention, I’ve cemented my personal style, identified my palette, nailed my 10 neutral staples and filled in all my wardrobe gaps so in 2019 I can confidently claim to have an outfit option for any occasion, any day of the year.

My clients pay me thousands of dollars each to teach them these style secrets. Most women don’t have thousands of dollars and so twice a year I offer everyone else a limited engagement closet coaching experience – TCU Capsule Camp.

TCU Capsule Camp is a five day live coaching event where I will teach you how to create a Spring 2019 capsule wardrobe from your existing closet – no purging required. In the process you’ll learn the critical skills it takes to curate your own forever wardrobe for a fraction of the cost of 1:1 coaching.

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