5 Ultimate Yoga Poses for a Perfect Round Butt

One great thing about Yoga is that it shapes your body into its best form ever. And if you are looking to tone and achieve that perfect round lifted butt doing Yoga is a way to go ladies!

We are often told that squats and weight bearing lunges are the best exercises to get that perfect butt shape but guess what? They are not the only way, in fact, you don’t have to do all that! All you need to do is to focus on those muscles you need to work on.

There are 3 main muscles that make up the structure of your butt

Gluteus maximus – The gluteus maximus compose the bulk of the butt muscles. This muscle gives volume to the structure of your butt.

Gluteus medius – often times referred to as upper glutes, the gluteus medius is a deeper muscle layer, exercising this muscle will give your butt that lifted looks.

Gluteus minimus – The smallest among the 3 muscles but plays an important role in supporting your butt to avoid that saggy looking butt.

Yoga, with its focused poses and flow, is a great way to fire up those butt muscles.

Yoga is a great isometric exercise that is very effective in achieving tone.

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