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38 DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Home

And how are you planning to welcome Santa Claus this year? Please don’t say that you plan to use the same decorative stuff that you used last year! Not that that is wrong but what if I say you can make your home look far better this Christmas without you spending big bucks. That got your attention, right? So get ready to lose your mind with these fabulous DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Home. Those useless wine corks you are about to throw away? Those paper roll that you are about to dump into the bin? And other such stuff…Continue reading38 DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Home


Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas & Tutorials

Christmas means presents. All of us love to get and give gifts and this has been part of the tradition for many centuries. But, it is not always plausible to afford gifts for all your friends and family because the circle of those that you consider close seems to grow bigger with each passing year. However, there is still another option which is to make the gifts instead of buying them. Homemade gifts are unique, and they make your loved ones feel special because you took the time to make them. And so, if your gift list seems to be growing longer while the…Continue readingHomemade Christmas Gift Ideas & Tutorials